Beginning next Tuesday, 1/15/19, the class will begin being tested on their memorization of the Addition Family Facts from 1 to 10.  In the Math sleeve of the Daily Folder there is a  study guide.  Every Tuesday and Thursday your child will take a TIMED quiz on a new family, provided that he/she passed the previous family quiz. If a quiz is not passed the first day, your child will take the quiz EVERY day until he/she passes (maximum of 4 tries!) We will continue these quizzes until every child has passed all 10 quizzes!  PLEASE be sure to STUDY with your child each night so that he/she may get through these quizzes quickly, but most importantly so that all future Math tests will be easier for your child!  All of the mathematical processes we learn are based on our strong foundation of the quick and accurate knowledge of ADDITION!!!  

As I said above, the quizzes are TIMED!  Each quiz is 1 minute.  Unfortunately, the "timed" part lends itself to much stress and often tears for the first few quizzes! Please reinforce with your child that they get more than one try and there is no problem with getting a few wrong! The  quiz is 20 questions in 1 minute---only 15 need to be completed correctly! (so 5 not finished, 5 wrong, or a combination of the two) will still give him/her a passing grade!

I understand that this seems extreme, however, it is necessary! Without solid knowledge and memorization of addition, Math will always be difficult for your child!

Thank you for your help with this overwhelming endeavor!

Ms. Dooling

Ms. Peg Dooling

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