Have a Marvelous March!


    Beginning today, for the rest of the year (3rd trimester) I will be using the Option C conduct program.  If I would need to "mark a calendar", I will be recording it on Option C.  You will get an email from Option C stating the infraction.  I will NOT be using the calendars in the folder anymore!




   Each year, the 2nd grade does a presentation during the week of the carnival.  We lovingly refer to this presentation as a "Living Wax Museum".  Each child in the 2nd grade will choose a historical figure to research, talk about and portray.  For your children, the time has come!!  All students in grade 2 are coming home with the necessary information for this assignment.  ALL STUDENTS are  to participate, as this project will be worth 3 or 4 MAJOR GRADES! Please read over the entire packet so that you are familiar with each of the deadlines.  Please do not begin any research until your child's choice of character has been approved.  We will do this on a first come first serve basis---with 54 students it is the only fair way.  Once the choice paper has been returned to you, please begin the research with your child.  For the majority of people on our list, I have at least one book to send home with information to help you get started.  Again, please read the entire packet for the details, as each part of this project is due at different times and will be graded.   

     I hope that you and your child will enjoy this project together.  While most parents have groaned about it in the past to start, they all have commented on how much they themselves and their children enjoyed the process and how much they all learned!  So, with that said...HAPPY RESEARCHING!



Please go to the website below for all information and to view your child's webpage for donations!



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Maternity of the B.V.M. School provides students with the tools needed to become successful citizens in the global community. Keeping Mary as our model, we encourage students to say, Yes, to God.  Our vision is to Be the Change, View the Goodness and Make a Difference.

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